Man, this gets me pissed!

October 6, 2010

Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr. (born November 13, 1929) is a disbarred lawyer, an anti-Christian hate speech minister who takes it upon himself, with his congregants, to drive out of their way and protest soldiers funerals. The signs used and sayings blurted out by these utterly disgusting individuals are “Fags doom nations”, “God hates fags”. Some actions and hate speech has been directed very specifically at individuals who have died. There are clear and narrow exceptions on free speech such as Cohen vs California.ref An important exception to keep in mind is fighting words, especially when directed to a particular person. It has to do with what the speech communicates and thus what is intended. The hate speech has CLEARLY been directed to specific individuals by Westboro Baptist Church. That is illegal.

Where are you gay community? Where are you true Biblical Christians? You both need to counter-protest each and every protest action that takes place. Protest their church right outside of it, LOUDLY! Go with your Bible and intelligently, calmly and with love point to their illogical position and utter lack of a Biblical basis. As grassroots activism shuts them up for the short-term, the courts through Snyder v. Phelps should and hopefully will shut them up permanently.ref1 There is no room within United States civil discourse and debate for intolerable, intimidating speech that is conductive to hate. Speech that is hate speech which is what the Westboro Baptist Church ultimately preach, has no connection in Biblical exegesis or an originalist perspective of the Constitution.ref2

Fred Phelps, Sr.

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