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Angle as ‘Snow White’ – Harry Reid a cult member

October 7, 2010

Thank you HuffPo for pointing this out. Now if I could only consider HuffPo genuine in their reporting and not merely using this to show the intolerance of Christians or something.

Sharon Angle and Snow White

So according to Sharron Angle’s pastor she is perfect and Harry Reid is a cult member. I got news for the pastor, Angle is a sinner just like Reid. She may have a framework of which is much more Biblical and practices repentance, but she is still just a human. Trust me there is dirt on her, it may not be as bad as Reid but to think that she is squeaky clean is obnoxious. No human is good always and forever.

The Pastor, John Reed ought to know better and should just be quiet unless he wants to fully display the truth of the human condition in relation to Biblical teachings.

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