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The world against NK-to little to late?!

October 7, 2010

South Korea hosts a nonproliferation drill off of the Busan coast with 15 other countries! First mistake, its to damn far SOUTH!

The two-day drill will start on Oct. 13, and participants will include the United States, Japan and Australia. The drill will focus on intercepting vessels suspected of shipping weapons of mass destruction with surface ships, submarines and fighter jets. Two South Korean 4,500-ton torpedo destroyers, two landing ships and four submarines will be joined by a 9,000-ton Aegis destroyer from the U.S., a 4,000-ton Japanese destroyer and Australia’s maritime surveillance patrol aircraft. ref

Busan, South Korea

This in response to the sailors murdered by North Korea months and months ago and the regimes what seems to be, need to sell any type of weapons to any type of government as well as developing its own nuclear capabilities. What kind of knee-capped response is this? We should of taken extreme measures and merely shown this is in national China’s interest, and pressured China to cut off trade with North Kore until it lets in nuclear inspectors, human rights groups, etc to pacify a brutal dictatorship and rescue as many people from starvation as possible. If this does not work, we carry out the pressure on China further to destabilize and topple the regime. Of course with a transfer of power from Kim Jong Il to his son Kim Jong Un it has become to late, or if we were to exorcise such actions the window is to narrow for coordination.

These war games are a timid response, and I think akin to a kid who is bullied puffing out his chest and daring another attack, even though the bully just murdered people. This is NOT how you deal justice, this is NOT how you send clear messages in regards to acts of war. You do not respond to acts of war by acting like there is no war. These war games should of been comprehensively and continuously ran since 2008 or 2009!ref

  1. October 9, 2010 at 8:18 am

    If this really is the best that we’ve got, then we’re really in for some tough times in Korea. Come on, Obama! Are you a weakling, or are you just more concentrated on getting some do-nothing Democrats and crazy radicals elected here at home in Chi-town??? Oh, I don’t know how much more of this American can take! Just crossing my fingers NK’s change in leadership will slow it down long enough for us in the states to change our leadership as well!

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