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They Think Big Thoughts?

October 11, 2010

Big Government posted the Ricochet podcast, entitled “The Brain Sandwich”. I was surprised that Rich Lowry didn’t sound Conservative and David Brooks I could do without. Peter Robinson, want’s to be pro immigration and doesn’t see the established path for citizenship for the pass several decades. That is my major beef with this podcast, the immigration portion.

Big brains on the big show this week as Rob Long and Peter Robinson are joined by New York Times columnist David Brooks and National Review Editor-In-Chief Rich Lowry. They think big thoughts about entitlements, the Bush tax cuts, Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Bob Gates for president, potential democratic challengers, and whether infidelity is the root of all social evil.

I will not buy the argument that illegals do our jobs so therefore we shouldn’t press the border issue to hard because the benefit of having illegals work outweighs the cost of securing our border. Is this, or is this not America? What is this dolt talking about? He would rather not enforce laws because Latinos work at jobs? I tell you what, you start eliminating the illegal presence within jobs that actual Americans may utilize, I think the economy would show significant gain.

You pass then enforce the Arizona immigration law federally, as it mirrors federal law to its core. Then as this nation-wide application of already established law begins, especially in California as the podcast specifies, then the expiring of extended unemployment benefits may coincide. In this way, Americans are given the choice of work, or no money. I would think Americans would choose the work the illegals who were either deported because of felony, or stay due to comprehensive work programs left over by Americans who will not occupy the positions.

This is obviously a start and a rough sketch of principles necessary for enforcement through law. None of the individuals on the Ricochet podcast even glanced at any possibility. Where the result is an overwhelming of traditional values and institutions, namely LAW! I mean come on, this is basic, nobody used it as a counter-argument, there was no critical thinking or debate to challenge little ideas and make them into truly big ones.

Where is the discussion of such sensible policies that I have laid out, if not in specificity then in principle? Ummm, nowhere!

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