About Me

The goal of this blog is to forward, from an average American perspective and what can be derived from public knowledge, conservative commentary on current events. The name Geopolicy arose because its two of my interests, namely geopolitics and domestic and/or foreign policy. I am a political conservative who is a theistic realist with an Intelligent Design inference upon the origins of the universe and life and the natural mechanisms that sustain it. This is against the common evolutionary assumptions of spontaneous and unguided naturalistic processes.

Tony, subzer0, sub0187 and geopolicy is me!


  • Two 2-year Associates degrees in Computer Science
  • Intense student of History, Science, Religion, Philosophy and Politics from all perspectives

Please check out my Twitter profile, Geopolipolicy and/or my profile at IntenseDebate! Also visit My Bookmarks and My Google Books Personal Library pages to see what I have been studying for years.

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