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What I present below is one of the most comprehensive link lists I have ever seen on the Internet. I have personally visited every site on this list and they remain in my Bookmarks to this day. I have spent a long time surfing the Internet to come across this awesome wealth of knowledge. My bookmarks have become, for me, an A to Z list of my intellectual interest and curiosity that only until now am I able to present in any fashion for others to pursue.

The body of knowledge cultivated is wide and diverse, from books to purchase to 911 myths debunked, to the church of satanism. Beware if you become lost and disoriented within the absolute maze of knowledge that must be entertained for insight to be gained. If that becomes the case… Remember its all in your head! :)


To Purchase A History of Christianity in Africa: From Antiquity to the Present (9780802808431): Elizabeth Isichei: Books A History of Christianity in Asia, Vol. II: 1500-1900… A History of Christianity in Asia: Beginnings to 1500 (9781570751622): Samuel Hugh… A Trip Into the Supernatural (9780828001380): Roger J. Morneau: Books Back to Basics for the Republican Party, Third Edition (9780970006325): Michael Zak: Books Beyond Repair: The Decline and Fall of the CIA… Bought and Paid For: The Unholy Alliance Between Barack Obama and Wall Street (9781595230713): Charles Gasparino: Books China Marine: An Infantryman’s Life after World War II… Comeback America: Turning the Country Around and Restoring Fiscal Responsibility (9781400068609): David M. Walker: Books Control Freaks (9780385412797): Gerald W. Piaget: Books Debating Design: From Darwin to DNA (9780521709903): William A. Dembski, Michael Ruse: Books Dereliction of Duty: Johnson, McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff… Don’t Vote It Just Encourages the Bastards (9780802119605): P. J. O’Rourke: Books Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion (9780877739807): Shambhala: Books Encyclopedia of the American Presidency (9780816073665): Michael A. Genovese: Books Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis (9780838640777): Bat Ye’Or, Bat Yeor:… Europe: A History (9780060974688): Norman Davies: Books Falling Behind: Explaining the Development Gap Between Latin America and the United States (9780195368826): Francis Fukuyama: Books Giants: The Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln… God & Philosophy (9781591023302): Antony Flew: Books Grand Strategies: Literature, Statecraft, and World Order (9780300163865): Charles… Helmet for My Pillow: From Parris Island to the Pacific (9780553593310): Robert Leckie: Books Hidden Light: Science Secrets of the Bible (9781592641857): Dr. David Medved: Books Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide (9780838639436): Bat Yeor, Miriam Kochan, David Littman: Books Israel: A Journey Through Time: Artist Not Provided: Movies & TV Jerusalem: Center of the World: Ray Suarez, Andrew Goldberg: Movies & TV Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto (9781416562870): Mark R. Levin: Books Life Without Lawyers: Restoring Responsibility in America (9780393338034): Philip K. Howard: Books Mandate for Leadership: Principles to Limit Government, Expand Freedom, and Strengthen America… Neoconservatism: An Obituary for an Idea (9781594518317): C. Bradley Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State (9781594033766):… Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics (9781433501159): William Lane Craig: Books Rising China and Its Postmodern Fate: Memories of Empire in a New… Routledge Encyclopedia of the Historical Jesus (9780415880886): Craig A. Evans: Books Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White… Strong Men Armed: The United States Marines Against Japan (9780306818875): Robert… Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia (9780300089028): Ahmed Rashid: Books The Adams-Jefferson Letters: The Complete… The Afghanistan-Pakistan Theater: Militant Islam, Security & Stability (9780981971230): Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Clifford D. May, Hassan Abbas, C. Christine Fair, Vanda Felbab-Brown, Vanessa Gezari, Sebastian Gorka, Shuja Nawaz, Joshua T. White: Books The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates (Signet… The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution (9781150233944): William Cooper Nell: Books The Design of Life: Discovering Signs of Intelligence In Biological… The Disuniting of America: Reflections on a Multicultural Society… The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism (9780743296229): Michael J. Behe: Books The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers (9780816061969): Michael Newton: Books The Fall of Interpretation: Philosophical Foundations for a Creational Hermeneutic (9780830815746): James K. A. Smith: Books The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression (9780066211701): Amity Shlaes: Books The Founding of America Megaset: Kelsey Grammar, Aidan Quinn, Jeff Daniels, Various: Movies & TV The Geometry of Evolution: Adaptive Landscapes and Theoretical Morphospaces (9780521849425): George R. McGhee Jr.: Books The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage… The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street (9781568584348): Robert Scheer: Books The Harper Encyclopedia of Military History: From 3500 B.C. to the Present… The Home Equity Lending Industry: Refinancing Mortgages for Borrowers with Impaired… The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 (Vintage)… The Mind of Empire: China’s History and Modern Foreign Relations (Asia in the New Millennium) (9780813192635): Christopher A. Ford: Books The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity (9780195168914): Philip… The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt: 3 Volume Set (9780195102345): Donald B. Redford: Books The Paradox of American Power: Why the World’s Only… The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western… The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America (9781439189306): Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, John Bolton: Books The Return of Anti-Semitism (9781594030895): Gabriel Schoenfeld: Books The Very Best Men: Four Who Dared: The Early Years of the CIA (9780684825380): Evan Thomas: Books The War Lovers: Roosevelt, Lodge, Hearst, and the Rush… Theodore Roosevelt, the Progressive Party, and the Transformation of… Through Bible Lands; Notes of Travel in Egypt, the Desert, and Palestine (9781150525834): Philip Schaff: Books Torn Country: Turkey Between Secularism and Islamism (HOOVER INST PRESS PUBLICATION) (9780817911447): Zeyno Baran: Books Tradition and the Black Atlantic: Critical Theory in the African Diaspora (9780465014101): Henry Louis Jr.… Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time (9780945001102): Carroll Quigley: Books Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years (9780742551176): Dennis T. Avery, S.… Who Really Wrote the Bible? (9780980076301): Eyal Rav-Noy, Gil Weinreich: Books Why Are Jews Liberals? (9780385529198): Norman Podhoretz: Books Willful Neglect: The Dangerous Illusion of Homeland Security (9781599219066): Charles S. Faddis: Books Winning the Unwinnable War: America’s Self-Crippled Response to Islamic Totalitarianism (9780739135419): Elan Journo: Books With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa (9780891419068): E.B.…Frontier: The Decisive Battles
Intercollegiate Studies Institute – ISI Books – Dupe

To Read

ANF01. The Apostolic Fathers with Justin Martyr and Irenaeus | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
ANF01. The Apostolic Fathers with Justin Martyr and Irenaeus | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
ANF06. Fathers of the Third Century: Gregory Thaumaturgus, Dionysius the Great, Julius Africanus, Anatolius, and Minor Writers, Methodius, Arn | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Biography of Philip Schaff | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Clement of Rome (fl. c.96)
Early An Internet Resource for Studying the First Centuries of Christianity
NPNF2-01. Eusebius Pamphilius: Church History, Life of Constantine, Oration in Praise of Constantine | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
NPNF2-03. Theodoret, Jerome, Gennadius, & Rufinus: Historical Writings | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
The Works of Flavius Josephus
Book of Jasher
Evidence of Christianity | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Index. The Golden Bough, by Sir James George Frazer
The Golden Bough : a study of magic and religion, by Sir James George Frazer
Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s “50 Best Books of the 20th Century” (Non-fiction) on Lists of Bests
Internet Sacred Text Archive Home
Online Library of Liberty
The Online Library of Liberty is provided in order to encourage the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals by making freely available on the internet the classic texts in the classical liberal and free market traditions.
Online Library of Liberty – Thucydides
The Online Library of Liberty is provided in order to encourage the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals by making freely available on the internet the classic texts in the classical liberal and free market traditions., Thucydides, who lived during the second half of the fifth century B.C., is considered the greatest of the ancient Greek historians. His work, The Peloponnesian War, recounts the fifth-century B.C. struggle between Athens and Sparta and is the first piece of historical writing to combine political and ethical reflections with history. His personal history is unknown except for the small bits of information revealed in his narrative.
Pilgrim’s Progress | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
The Beginnings of Christianity
The Beginnings of Christianity Book by George P. Fisher; 1877. Read The Beginnings of Christianity at Questia library.
The Chronology of the Old Testament
The Collected Works of Eric Voegelin
Welcome to the Christian Classics Ethereal Library! | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
The Internet Classics Archive | The Republic by Plato
The Republic by Plato, part of the Internet Classics Archive


A Pledge to America – A New Republican Governing Agenda
The Website for Republicans in Congress, provides the latest news from the House Republican Conference.
Avalon Project – The Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents
Counterterrorism Blog
First Principles | The Heritage Foundation
Global Incident Map Displaying Terrorist Acts, Suspicious Activity, and General Terrorism News
Global Incident Map Displaying Terrorist Acts, Suspicious Activity, and General Terrorism News Tracking the U.S. Congress
Track legislation and votes in the United States Congress with email updates and RSS feeds. An open-source and community project.
Library of Economics and Liberty
My library
Open CRS – CRS Reports for the People
ORB: Medieval Studies
Our Documents – Home Featuring 100 milestone documents of American history from the National Archives. Includes images of original primary source documents, lesson plans, teacher and student competitions, and educational resources.
Pacific Views: Seattle Political Events
Popular Science | New Technology, Science News, The Future Now
Your ultimate online portal to the future. Reporting on what’s new and what’s next in technology, science, gadgets, space, green tech and more.
Roy Spencer, Ph. D.
Science Daily: News & Articles in Science, Health, Environment & Technology
Breaking science news and articles on global warming, extrasolar planets, stem cells, bird flu, autism, nanotechnology, dinosaurs, evolution — the latest discoveries in astronomy, anthropology, biology, chemistry, climate & environment, computers, engineering, health & medicine, math, physics, psychology, technology, and more — from the world’s leading universities and research organizations.
The American Presidency Project
The American Presidency Project contains the most comprehensive collection of resources pertaining to the study of the President of the United States. Compiled by John Woolley and Gerhard Peters
The Internet Classics Archive | Browse
List of authors for browing titles, part of the Internet Classics Archive
The Long War Journal
The Presidents | The White House is the official web site for the White House and President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. This site is a source for information about the President, White House news and policies, White House history, and the federal government.
THOMAS (Library of Congress)
The Library of Congress THOMAS site is the source for federal legislative information. THOMAS provides several options for finding bills, resolutions, and legislative histories from 1973 to the present. Legislative information can be searched across multiple Congresses. THOMAS is also the source for presidential nominations, treaties, committee reports, legislative resources for researchers and teachers. THOMAS draws on the resources of the Library of Congress to provide users with valuable and historical information related to the legislative process.


A Christian Thinktank
Ankerberg Theological Research Institute, John Ankerberg Show – Christian Apologetics, Jesus, Bible&Christ
Answering Muslims
Apologetics Press – Are There Lost Books of the Bible?
Christian backlash brews in Africa against Islamists–Ralph Peters –
The Islamists have it wrong: Islam isn’t the world’s fastest-growing religion. By birth numbers and convert tallies, it’s Christianity.
Creation Ministries
Creation Ministries International, Creation magazine; scientific evidence supporting Genesis
Exegesis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Genocide in the Old Testament
God Who Wasn’t There: an Analysis, Part 2
Horus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
How Black Magic Is Under-developing Sub-Saharan Africa
Black magic is partly responsible for the near emptiness of our rural areas especially in West and Central Africa as modern day economic refugees and cultural migrants flee the stranglehold of black magical powers in their villages for the urban comfort of anonymity…
Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom
Internationally recognized think tank and public policy research organization that forecasts trends and develops solutions for governments, businesses and the public. Hudson Institute addresses domestic and international policy issues.
Jewish commentaries on the Bible – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Major Religions Ranked by Size
This is a listing of the major religions of the world, ranked by number of adherents.
New Directions in Biblical Theology
Official Church of Satan Website
Pagan Copycat Hub
Rashi’s Method of Biblical Commentary – Essays
Rashi did not receive the Torah from God at Sinai, nor was he revered as a prophet. Yet 900 years after his passing, we still seek the weekly guidance and inspiration from Rashi’s commentary. What was his secret? And how has the Rebbe revolutionized the study of this ancient work?
Report of the Creation Study Committee (Presbyterian Church in America)
The Report of the Creation Study Committee of the Presbyterian Church of America.
Studies: Belief in God relieves depression – Washington Times
Mental health specialists say they are finding that a belief in God plays a positive role in the treatment of anxiety and depression.
The Complete Tanach with Rashi – Classic Texts – Torah – Bible
English translation of the entire Tanach with Rashi’s commentary. The translation is the authoritative Judaica Press version, edited by the esteemed translator and scholar, Rabbi A.J. Rosenberg.
The Gods of Ancient Egypt — Horus
The Straight Way Home
Vatican: Oldest known images of apostles Andrew and John found – Religion – Blogs
The oldest known image of the apostles Andrew and John have been discovered in catacombs under the city of Rome, dating back to the 4th century A.D., archaeologists announced Tuesday. The paintings were found in the same location where the oldest known painting of St.
Wikipedia for Christian Fundamentalists: The Lord’s Encyclopedia – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International
Christian fundamentalists in the US have launched two online encyclopedias modelled on the Wikipedia format. Conservapedia and CreationWiki aim to explain the world from a creationist perspective. They make entertaining reading.


» In Praise of Capitalism: How the ‘Social Justice’ Left Uses Economic Incentives to Create Academic Propaganda – Big Journalism
» Obama Says Stimulus Worked, Created Jobs… Here’s a Reminder of the Waste – Big Government
2010 Index of Economic Freedom: America, No Longer the Land of the Free | The Heritage Foundation
For the first time in the history of the Index for Economic Freedom, the United States is no longer in the top category of economically free countries and is even second in the North American region (behind Canada). This year’s score of 78, though high in global standards, is 2.7 points lower than last year and bumps it to a second-tier country of freedom.
A Roadmap for America’s Future | The Budget Committee Republicans
Arthur B. Laffer: Unemployment Benefits Aren’t Stimulus –
Arthur B. Laffer writes in The Wall Street Journal that increasing unemployment benefits will not have a stimulative effect on the economy but it will reduce the incentive to find work. A federal tax holiday is a better way to cut the high jobless rate.
Coburn, Barrasso Release Oversight Report on Obamacare’s First 100 Days – Press Releases – Tom Coburn, M.D., United States Senator from Oklahoma
Democrats Rescind Recovery Act Funding to Finance More Ineffective Spending | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.
The Foundry promotes conservative policies and principles by offering the best in public policy research with the day’s current events. The Foundry is published by The Heritage Foundation.
Donald Luskin: Why This Isn’t Like 1938—At Least Not Yet –
In The Wall Street Journal, Donald Luskin notes that stock prices show we’ve dodged another depression, but toxic, antibusiness rhetoric and policy errors like the Dodd-Frank bill are hurting the still-fragile recovery.
Five Major Defects of the Financial Reform Bill-Becker – The Becker-Posner Blog
A 2300 page bill is usually an indication of many political compromises. The Dodd-Frank financial reform bill is no exception, for it is a complex, disorderly, politically motivated, and not well thought out reaction to the financial crisis that erupted beginning with the panic of the fall of 2008. Not everything about the bill is bad-e.g., the requirement that various derivatives trade through exchanges may be a good suggestion- but the disturbing parts of the bill are far more important.
FTC Charges that Sub-Prime Lenders Misrepresented Loan Terms to Consumers
Full List – 25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis – TIME
globalization and economic vulnerability
Gold Rises to a Record on Buying From Investors Seeking to Protect Wealth – Bloomberg
Gold rose to a record in London and New York as other commodities gained on speculation demand for raw materials will increase and as investors bought the metal to protect wealth from Europe’s financial turbulence.
Growth_in_Time_Debt.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Harvard Econ Department – Global Financial Crisis Continues
High-Rate, High-Fee Loans (HOEPA/Section 32 Mortgages)
Hot Air » Romer: We had no clue … and still don’t
Hot Air » WSJ: The only people who believe that Porkulus saved 3 million jobs are …
Hudson Institute > The New Capitalism
Hudson Negotiating North America FINAL.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Interest Rates: An Introduction – Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Interest rates receive a lot of attention in the media, but what are
they, anyway? How are they determined? What do they do? This introduction
provides some basic answers to these questions.
Intrade Prediction Markets
Keynes & Co. have lost the stimulus argument – The Week
The official site of The Week Magazine US edition. The best of the US and international media. Daily coverage of commentary and analysis of the day’s events, as well as arts, entertainment, people and gossip, and political cartoons.
LithuanianEnergySecurityDecember06.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Looking back, ahead at federal taxing, spending –
This tax calculator will give you a rough idea of your federal tax bill and where your tax money went from 1940 through 2010. Caveats: The calculator is for a taxpayer who files singly, uses the standard deduction instead of itemizing, and has one…
Obama Jobs Deficit Forcing Obama to Scramble | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.
The Foundry promotes conservative policies and principles by offering the best in public policy research with the day’s current events. The Foundry is published by The Heritage Foundation.
Obamacare at Six Months | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.
The Foundry promotes conservative policies and principles by offering the best in public policy research with the day’s current events. The Foundry is published by The Heritage Foundation.
Pathways_to_Boosting.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Presidents, the economy and domestic policy – The Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies – Grand Valley State University
The Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies illuminates the American presidency to raise civic literacy, learned discourse, and a new generation of leaders.
promoting_democracy_latin_america_daremblum.pdf (application/pdf Object)
public or private unions
Republican Leader John Boehner |
Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute – FEM
The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute is an organization designed to study Sovereign Wealth Funds and their impact on Global Economics, Politics, Financial Markets, and Policy.
Subprime mortgage crisis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The “Comprehensive” Problem with Derivatives Regulation | The Heritage Foundation
Leading derivatives reform proposals are little more than a frenzied insistence to do something, anything, to regulate financial derivatives.
The Most Fiscally Irresponsible Government in U.S. History – US News and World Report
Obama and Congress have participated in the most fiscally irresponsible government in U.S. history.
The Senate and Goldman Sachs – Daniel Krauthammer – National Review Online
Thomas Sowell | Home
V010004 – Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA)
Venezuela’s Oil-Based Economy – Council on Foreign Relations
Venezuela is trying to develop new markets for its oil at a time of increasing friction with its main customer, the United States. But a significant short-term shift in oil relations between Venezuela and the United States is unlikely.


Akkadian Empire
Akkadian Empire – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
American Memory from the Library of Congress – Home Page
The home page for the American Memory Historical Collections from the Library of Congress. American Memory provides free access to historical images, maps, sound recordings, and motion pictures that document the American experience. American Memory offers primary source materials that chronicle historical events, people, places, and ideas that continue to shape America.
Ancient Egypt: the Mythology – Horus
Ancient Egypt: the Mythology is *the* most comprehensive site on ancient Egyptian mythology on the web. It features over 40 gods and goddesses, 30 symbols and complete myths. Also featured are articles about egyptian culture and history.
Ancient Egyptian Culture
This exhibit has information on the culture of ancient Egypt including that on architecture, art, hieroglyphics, the daily life of ancient Egyptians, military and maps.
Ancient Egyptian religion – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Avalon Project – Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
AVESTA: VENDIDAD (English): Fargard 19.
Avesta, the sacred book of Zoroastrianism: Myths, purity laws, rituals.
Babylonian Empire
Bertrand Russell – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » History Channel’s Use of Celebrity & Inaccuracy Ruins ‘America: the Story of Us’
Bombing of Tokyo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Brain Trust – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia » Newly Discovered Vintage Film of VJ Day in Honolulu
Color video footage recently found found after sitting for 65 years was taken on August 14, 1945 in Honolulu, HI. Richard Sullivan shot this film along Kalakaua Ave. in Waikiki capturing spontaneous celebrations that broke out upon first hearing news of the Japanese surrender.
Brief History of Mesopotamia
Colour revolution – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Harappa and the Indus River
Hippie trail – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
History of Sumer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
History of U.S. Interventions in Latin America
Home – Subject Research Guides at UVa Library
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Rome
Into the Renaissance
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
IV. Voyages and Travel. The Era of Discovery. By Professor W. B. Munro. 1909-14. Lectures on the Harvard Classics. The Harvard Classics
IV. Voyages and Travel. The Era of Discovery. By Professor W. B. Munro. 1909-14. Lectures on the Harvard Classics. The Harvard Classics
Livius. Articles on Ancient History
Making of America
Mizraim – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
New York University | Bobst Library: Subject Web Pages
Noel Birch – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oğuz – Dictionary definition of Oğuz | FREE online dictionary
Definition of Oğuz – Our online dictionary has Oğuz information from Concise Dictionary of World Place-Names dictionary. English, psychology and medical dictionaries
Ottoman Palestine, 1800-1914 … – Google Books
Pakistan – Early Civilization in Pakistan
Early civilizations in Pakistan. Library of Congress article on the early civilizations in the region of Pakistan.
Perseus Digital Library
Phillis Wheatley – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Robert McNamara – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Guti
The Hittites – All About Turkey
Hittites were one of the most important ancient civilizations of Asia Minor.
The New Rules of War – By John Arquilla | Foreign Policy
The persistent fiction that Islamic anti-Semitism is a borrowing from Nazism – Jihad Watch
Weblog about jihad theology and ideology, correcting popular misconceptions about Islam.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The University of Oklahoma College of Law: A Chronology of US Historical Documents
A Chronology of US Historical Documents.
Totalitarianism – Totalitarian Characteristics
UW Libraries – History – Web Sites
Victory At Sea Archives
WallBuilders – Library
WWW-VL: World History Index and History Central Catalogue | The World Wide Virtual Library
This is the central catalogue for theWWW-VL network of indexes to Historical materials on-line.

Intelligence and Military

2010 Failed States Index – Interactive Map and Rankings | Foreign Policy
Center For Security Policy
The Center for Security Policy is a non-profit, non-partisan national security organization that specializes in identifying policies, actions, and resource needs that are vital to American security and then ensures that such issues are the subject of both focused, principled examination and effective action by recognized policy experts, appropriate officials, opinion leaders, and the general public.
Center on Islam, Democracy and the Future of the Muslim World
Coalition Against Terrorist Media
Flashpoint Partners
Flashpoint Partners is a research and analysis enterprise focused on global security, with managing partners based in London and New York. Flashpoint Partners offers a host of contract consulting services which are available to international governments, law enforcement agencies, media outlets, academic institutions, and private corporations. We have a proven track record in successfully completing critical projects for a variety of high-profile clients around the world–including the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of Defense, Scotland Yard’s SO-15 Counter Terrorism Command, the United Kingdom Crown Prosecution Service, the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and the International Court of Justice at the Hague.
Foundation for Defense of Democracies
The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) is the only nonpartisan policy institute dedicated exclusively to promoting pluralism, defending democratic values, and fighting the ideologies that threaten democracy.
‘Global War On Terror’ Is Given New Name –
The Washington Post Politics section is the top political news site to better understand the intersection of business and politics and information from the White House and the federal government. Our Politics reports and video include information for government employees,federal agency workers,and discussions and blogs on political and economic issues.
ICPVTR – International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research
Jewish Internet Defense Force
Against antisemitism and terrorism. Coordinating Concerned Citizens. Promoting Jewish Pride, Knowledge, Unity. Israel Advocacy.
MEMRI – The Middle East Media Research Institute
MEMRI bridges the language gap which exists between the West and the Middle East, providing timely translations of Arabic, Persian, Urdu-Pashtu, and Turkish media, as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East.
Military News Humor Photos – StrategyPage
The Strategypage is a comprehensive summary of military news and affairs. We cover the inside data on how and why things happen.
Multi-National Force – Iraq
Multi-National Force – Iraq official web site
RANT Organizing Manual
Terror Free Somalia Foundation
The Coming Insurrection « Support the Tarnac 9
The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report
The Reserve Policies of Nations: A Comparative Analysis
Top Secret America |
Washington Post reporters Dana Priest and William M. Arkin spent two years investigating the government’s response to 9/11. Top Secret America explores what they found.
Welcome to IASPS

Domestic Security

“A Study of Assassination”-Transcription
Center for a New American Security
Center for a New American Security is a group to help develop strong, pragmatic and Principled National Security and Defense Policies to Promote and Protect American Interests and Values…
Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Finally Getting It Right | Daniel Griswold | Cato Institute: Free Trade Bulletin
Author: Daniel Griswold, Published: 2007-05-16, Type: Free Trade Bulletin
Electronic Briefing Books
Federal Bureau of Investigation – Freedom of Information Privacy Act
About the Federal Bureau of Investigation
Frank Marshall Davis Files
Homeland Security News
Homeland security national terror alert and homeland security news.
Loose Change 2nd Edition Viewer Guide
Panel commissioned by Barney Frank recommends nearly $1T in defense cuts –
Panel’s recommendations include reducing F-35 program, cutting warheads and rolling back personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. A panel commissioned by Rep.
Report finds U.S. tax money may be funding Afghan insurgents – Yahoo! News
WASHINGTON — Private security contractors protecting the convoys that supply U.S. military bases in Afghanistan are paying millions of dollars a week in “passage bribes” to the Taliban and other insurgent groups to travel along Afghan roads, a congressional investigation released Monday has found.
Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) | US Army War College
Our website is the source for the latest security and strategic research from the military’s link to the academic community. The Strategic Studies Institute is the War College’s premier landpower research center.
Terrorism and U.S. Policy
The 2010 National Security Strategy, By the Numbers | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.
The Foundry promotes conservative policies and principles by offering the best in public policy research with the day’s current events. The Foundry is published by The Heritage Foundation.
The Crypt: Budget Wars – Part I –
Political news coverage from on Congress and Capitol Hill. Blog postings in The Crypt from John Bresnahan, Patrick O’Connor, Josephine Hearn, Daniel W. Reilly, and Josh Kraushaar. Complete coverage of Iraq, Immigration, House and Senate Races in 2008, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and more.
The Guantánamo Docket – The New York Times
Documents, links and information about the 779 people who have been detained at the United States military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.
United States Department of Defense (
USMBorder.pdf (application/pdf Object)


1-Article15Final.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Another Moderate Muslim Joins the Jihad: Mustafa Akyol | FrontPage Magazine
It’s one thing to sell ignorant infidels the idea that Islam is peace. But the charade crumbles when the Jews come up.
Aussie cleric ‘had jihad notebook’ – Jihad Watch
Weblog about jihad theology and ideology, correcting popular misconceptions about Islam.
Ayers, Dohrn helped organize flotilla group | Washington Examiner
Former Weather Underground leaders William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, as well as Code Pink founder Jodie Evans, helped organize the Free Gaza Movement, which launched the six-ship flotilla from Turkey to Israel that ended in a violent clash with Israeli Defense Forces, reported.
Case Studies_Volume I_081009.pdf (application/pdf Object)
China-Russia Security Relations: Strategic Parallelism without Partnership or Passion?
This report maintains that, although Chinese-Russi
Congress: US repeated 9/11 failures in Xmas plot
Hot Air » Video: Collateral murder, or the risks of war zones?
Video: Collateral murder, or the risks of war zones?
islaimic emarat afghanistan jihad taliban alqada ghazi kabul
Muslim Brotherhood: The roots of the Pan-Islamic Jihad and wars in Sudan, Palestine, Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Algeria
Timeline of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Nazi roots of the Pan-Islamic Jihad and wars in Sudan, Palestine Bosnia, Chechnya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Algeria and others.
nefagitmoreturnees0209-1.pdf (application/pdf Object)
returntothefightfactsheet2.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Robert Fulford: North Korea, an antique nightmare | Full Comment | National Post
The communist government of North Korea, currently bouncing through the headlines once more, still the despair of the American State Department, was supposed to have gone out of business at least a generation ago.
Sarah Palin: Peace Through Strength and American Pride vs. “Enemy-Centric” Policy | Facebook
Sarah Palin wrote a note titled Peace Through Strength and American Pride vs. “Enemy-Centric” Policy. Read the full text here.
The American Spectator : The Really Bad Guys
The Jawa Report: Video Shows Reuters Camerman With Insurgents Being Killed [BUMPED/UPDATED: Vidcaps Show Weapons]
US troops repel complex Taliban assault on Bagram Airfield – The Long War Journal


ADAMS: Inside the Black Panther case – Washington Times
On the day President Obama was elected, armed men wearing the black berets and jackboots of the New Black Panther Party were stationed at the entrance to a polling place in Philadelphia.
America as Texas vs. California: Who’s Moving Where Edition « The Enterprise Blog
Bruce Ackerman: Obama, Warren and the Imperial Presidency –
In the Wall Street Journal, Yale Professor Bruce Ackerman writes that the Senate should vote on all senior appointments within 60 days. But the president should give it a chance to vote.
Examining the History and Legality of Executive Branch Czars | The Heritage Foundation
The rise of government by bureaucrats — due to the delegation ofpower from Congress to administrative agencies, combined with the removal of those agencies from the President’s control–has givenrise to efforts by Presidents from both parties to get thebureaucratic state under control through various mechanisms. Therise of “czars” in the current administration is just anothermanifestation–albeit, an unfortunate one–of this phenomenon.
FindLaw: Cases and Codes: Supreme Court Opinions
FindLaw | Find a Lawyer. Find Answers.
House Judiciary Committee
Jan Brewer: Why are foreign governments submitting briefs in the DOJ’s lawsuit against Arizona? « Hot Air
Jan Brewer: Why are foreign governments submitting briefs in the DOJ’s lawsuit against Arizona?
Kagan’s Abortion Distortion – Shannen W. Coffin – National Review Online
National Review Online is America’s premier website for conservative news, analysis, and opinion, featuring the commentary of Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, Mark Steyn, Jay Nordlinger, Ramesh Ponnuru, Victor Davis Hanson, Charles Krauthammer, Larry Kudlow, Mona Charen, Andrew McCarthy, Michael Barone, Cliff May, Thomas Sowell, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Daniel Pipes, Michelle Malkin, Dennis Prager, Deroy Murdock, Tony Blankley, John Derbyshire, and More.
Landmark Legal Foundation
Founded in 1976, Landmark’s long record of accomplishment has made it one of the nation’s most effective and successful conservative legal advocacy groups. No public interest law firm has had as substantive impact in its principal mission areas as Landmark -and none is better positioned to build on that record in the coming months.
McDonald v. Chicago (08-1521) | LII / Legal Information Institute
Morning Bell: The Obama Experts vs. the Rule of Law | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.
The Foundry promotes conservative policies and principles by offering the best in public policy research with the day’s current events. The Foundry is published by The Heritage Foundation.
Mortgage Laws And Regulations To Protect The Consumer: (A mortgage article from CityTownInfo)
Mortgage Laws And Regulations To Protect The Consumer: A mortgage article from CityTownInfo
Report Delivers Hard Numbers on Bush Civil Rights Division – Main Justice
Seattle City Clerk’s Office – Citizen Initiatives and Referenda Guides
Supreme Court of the United States is the official web site for the Supreme Court of the United States. This site is a source for information about the Supreme Court Cases, Oral Arguments, Opinions, Orders, Dockets, Supreme Court history, visiting information.
The Birth of the Administrative State: Where It Came From and What It Means for Limited Government | The Heritage Foundation
The ideas that gave rise to what is today called “theadministrative state” are fundamentally at odds with those thatgave rise to our Constitution. The original, Progressive-Eraarchitects of the administrative state understood this quiteclearly, as they made advocacy of this new approach to governmentan important part of their direct, open, comprehensive attack onthe American Constitution.
The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR):
The Patriot Act and Related Provisions: The Heritage Foundation’s Research | The Heritage Foundation
A compilation of Heritage’s research on the Patriot Act.
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights studies, analyzes, and reports on civil rights issues in the United States as well as implementation of civil rights laws and regulations in federal agencies. It has produced hundreds of publications on civil rights that are available to the public. In addition to its headquarters office in Washinton, DC, it has six regional offices that work with State Advisory Committees in every state in order to remain apprised of as well as play a constructive role in local civil rights issues throughout the nation. The Commission also provides discrimination complaint referral services to thousands of people every year who don’t know where else to turn when they feel their civil rights have been violated.


5_radloff.pdf (application/pdf Object)
A new German study shows that boys growing up in pious Muslim families are more likely to be violent | Muslims Debate
A new German study shows that boys growing up in pious Muslim families are more likely to be violent
Activities & Ongoing Programs
Of Planetary Citizens, Inc.
Burke, Edmund. 1909–14. On the Sublime and Beautiful. Vol. 24, Part 2. The Harvard Classics
Burke, Edmund. 1909–14. On the Sublime and Beautiful. Vol. 24, Part 2. The Harvard Classics
Burke: Select Works of Edmund Burke, Speech of Edmund Burke, Esq. On American Taxation | Library of Economics and Liberty
Cheaters Boost Yeast Cell Growth | Selfishness, Not Just Cooperation, Benefits Society | LiveScience
Listen up do-gooders, cooperation isn’t always best, your selfish counterparts can benefit society, study suggests.
conservatism (political philosophy) — Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on conservatism (political philosophy), political doctrine that emphasizes the value of traditional institutions and practices.
David Hume (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Deobandi Islam is the leading source for reliable military news and military information, directed by John Pike
Dewey’s Political Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Edmund Burke (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Edmund Burke, 1729-1797
The British statesman and philosopher, Edmund Burke, was born in Dublin, January 12, educated at a Quaker boarding school and at Trinity College, Dublin. In 1750 he entered the Middle Temple, London, but soon abandoned law for literary work.
Edmund Burke: Reflections on the Revolution in France
Immanuel Kant – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Locke (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Liberalism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Milman Parry On-Line Collection
The Collection is a unique repository of South Slavic and Balkan oral traditions; is a portal to electronic database and archival resources; and includes descriptions of Collection publications, photos, and film clips.
MJTM 6.7 Heath on Harpur.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Oldest written document ever found in J’lem
Archeologists unearth 14th century BCE fragment.
Progressive Era
Digital History enhances history teaching and research through primary sources, an online textbook, extensive reference resources, and interactive materials.
Progressivism – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Definition of progressivism from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games.
What is Progressivism?
A brief introduction to Progressivism.
YouTube – flame0430’s Channel
Facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, foreign relations of Afghanistan.
CIA – The World Factbook
Country Studies
Country Studies – Federal Research Division, Library of Congress
Country Studies – Federal Research Division, Library of Congress
Latin America MAP.PNG (PNG Image, 425×516 pixels)
Library of Congress Country Studies – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maps of Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian and Macedonian empires
Maps of Near East showing areas under the domination of the ancient empires
MiddleEastMap1.JPG (JPEG Image, 1058×957 pixels)
south_america_map.jpg (JPEG Image, 1106×1436 pixels)
The States — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts
The United States of America consists of 50 states, along with a capital district and several territories in the Caribbean and Pacific.
American FactFinder Help
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
FTD – Statistics – Country Data – U.S. Trade Balance with Greenland
All trade with Greenland from, at most, 1985 to present US government, state government, Congress, government jobs & more.
Find the best and most useful state, national and world government resources at
IPres090316.pdf (application/pdf Object)
National Energy Policy
Presidents 2010 Rank by Category.pdf (application/pdf Object)
SASC Website
U.S. Government Printing Office Home Page
US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: Home
We_the_People_Wide_Awake.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Political Science

American Conservative Union :: CPAC 2010 – Power Rankings 2008
E-mail, call or write the President, Congress or state and local government based on your ZIP code. Find groups’ Take Action alerts or create your own.
Congressional Oversight Of DHS : NPR
In the 110th Congress, 108 committees and subcommittees oversee the Department of Homeland Security.
Election Day Tea Party 2010
Election Day Tea Party 2010 – an easy to use site for tea party activists who want to help return the
House of Representatives to fiscal responsibility
Foreign Policy – the global magazine of economics, politics, and ideas
Foreign Policy is a global magazine of politics, economics, and ideas., Internationally recognized think tank and public policy research organization that forecasts trends and develops solutions for governments, businesses and the public.
Internationally recognized think tank and public policy research organization that forecasts trends and develops solutions for governments, businesses and the public. Hudson Institute addresses domestic and international policy issues.
James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy Rice University
John Locke Foundation
Keep America Safe
Keep America Safe exists to provide information for concerned Americans about critical national security issues and encourage public dialogue.
List of Presidents of the United States – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Media Research Center
America’s Media Watchdog
Pew Research Center for the People & the Press
Polls, public opinion research, national surveys on public attitudes toward press, politics, public policy issues; funded by Pew Charitable Trusts. Pew Research Center tracks trends in values, political and social attitudes.
Political Party Platforms
The American Presidency Project contains the most comprehensive collection of resources pertaining to the study of the President of the United States. Compiled by John Woolley and Gerhard Peters
PRI • Pacific Research Institute
Public Opinion Strategies
Read The Bill: Rushed Bills
Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library | Home
Reagan Foundation Serving
Taking Hayek Seriously
The Ayn Rand Institute: News and Highlights
The Ayn Rand Institute (ARI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Irvine, California, works to introduce young people to Ayn Rand’s novels, to support scholarship and research based on her ideas, and to promote the principles of reason, rational self-interest, individual rights and laissez-faire capitalism to the widest possible audience.
The Heartland Institute
The Heartland Institute – Discovering, developing, and promoting free-market solutions to public policy problems.
The Heritage Foundation – Conservative Policy Research and Analysis
A conservative think tank promoting public policy research and analysis based on free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.
Uncommon Knowledge | Hoover Institution


» SEIU’s Mary Kay Henry: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss – Big Government
Barack Obama is among best presidents ever – George W. Bush not so much, say scholars in Siena poll
George W. Bush was no FDR, but Barack Obama could be. That’s the verdict of 238 of the nation’s leading presidential scholars, who – for a fifth time – rated Franklin Delano Roosevelt the best president ever in the latest Siena poll.
Battle Royale – What’s Popular in Congress – OpenCongress
Center for American Progress
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll – Rasmussen Reports™
Rasmussen Reports – The best place to look for polls that are spot on
Declaring our independence
The July 3 front-page article on Thomas Jefferson’s editing of the Declaration of Independence [” With the stroke of a pen, ‘subjects’ no more “] asserted that the change from “subjects” to “citizens” means that “No longer subjects to the crown, the colonists became something different: a people…
Dem base told: Fear Tea Party –
Democrats desperate to rally their base this November have begun talking more about the possibility of a “Tea Party Congress. possibility of a “Tea Party Congress” next year.
George F. Will – A short history of presidential primaries
Although a Niagara of vitriol is drenching politics, the two parties are acting sensibly and in tandem about something once considered a matter of constitutional significance — the process by which presidential nominations are won.
Left-wing ‘One Nation’ Rally Organizer Has Long History of Highly Offensive Statements – Will Media Report? |
Obama’s Speechwriter Speaks Up – Newsweek Money in Politics — See Who’s Giving & Who’s Getting
Presenting political news, and the actual political positions of the parties and candidates, as well as disclosing how much campaign money they have raised and where it came from.
Patterico’s Pontifications » Needed: An Initiative to Get the Death Penalty Working Again
PolSciQElection2004.pdf (application/pdf Object)
President Obama calls African-Americans a ‘mongrel people’ –
Obama discussed the race debate with an unusual choice of words, saying African-Americans are “sort of a mongrel people. NEW YORK — President Obama waded into the national race debate in an unlikely setting and with an unusual choice of words: telling daytime talk show hosts that African-Americans are “sort of a mongrel people.
Presidential Personality
presidents domestic policy history – Google Search
Race maps of America | Mail Online
Using information from the latest U.S. census results, the maps show the extent to which America has blended together the races in the nation’s 40 largest cities.
RNC: Republican National Committee | GOP
Find all the information involving the Republican National Committee (RNC). Learn about the latest news about the GOP.
TED: Ideas worth spreading
TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading — through, our annual conferences, the annual TED Prize and local TEDx events.
The Spill, The Scandal and the President | Rolling Stone Politics
The Washington Monthly
UN Watch | Monitoring the UN, Promoting Human Rights – UN Watch
UN Watch is a non-governmental organization based in Geneva whose mandate is to monitor the performance of the United Nations by the yardstick of its own Charter. UN Watch believes in the United Nations’ mission on behalf of the international community to
Washington Must Face the Facts of Life: Parents and Teens Favor Abstinence | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.
The Foundry promotes conservative policies and principles by offering the best in public policy research with the day’s current events. The Foundry is published by The Heritage Foundation.



APerry_JCTR_2007.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Can Random Mutation Mimic Design?: A Guided Inquiry Laboratory for Undergraduate Students — Kalinowski et al. 174 (3): 1073 — Genetics
cannabis – PMC Results
PubMed Central (PMC) is the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s digital archive of life sciences journal literature.
Evolution News & Views: Implications of Genetic Convergent Evolution for Common Descent
Evolution: like any other science it is predictable
Expected Anomalies in the Fossil Record
Nelson_Canonical_Criticism.pdf (application/pdf Object)
The endocannabinoid system as a target for the treatment of cannabis dependence
The Procrustean, Political Blog, Conservative Bloggers, Republican Blogspot, Political Blogs
The quality of the fossil record of the vertebrates
A review of what we know, and don’t know, about the history of vertebrates, and how to assess incompleteness…

Computer Science

Apple is the new hacker bulls-eye – Jun. 17, 2010
As Apple grows in size and become ubiquitous with its mobile devices, hackers are beginning to shift their attention towards the company.
CIOview Corp., Acton, Mass., USA, is the industry leader in validating the financial value proposition of specific IT solutions and creating financial assessment tools that allow organizations to conduct personalized financial impact assessments for themselves.
Comparison of file systems – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
data-centric-quantitative-computer-security-risk-assessment_1209 (application/pdf Object)
Definitive 2TB HD Roundup: WD, Seagate, Samsung – HotHardware
HotHardware tests nine 2TB hard disk drives from Samsung, Seagate, and Western Digital.
DSM_Abuse_and_dependence_criteria.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Electronic Frontier Foundation | Defending Freedom in the Digital World
FAIR_brag.pdf (application/pdf Object)
FBI details worst social networking cyber crime problems | Community
Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster and other social networking sites ripe for cyber crimals
Google Says It Mistakenly Collected Data on Web Usage –
Google said it would stop collecting Wi-Fi network data from its StreetView cars, after an internal investigation it conducted found it was accidentally collecting data about websites people were visiting over the hotspots.
How to change language interface in VISTA HOME PREMIUM – CNET Windows Vista Forums
Windows Vista: How to change language interface in VISTA HOME PREMIUM – Get tips and advice on this topic, or read other Windows Vista discussions on CNET Forums.
How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks
Starbucks is offering free Wi-Fi to all customers, at every location, starting today. Whether you’re clicking connect on Starbucks’ Wi-Fi or some other unsecured, public Wi-Fi network, here’s how to stay safe and secure while surfing a public hotspot.
I4U News :: The Technology News Magazine and Gadget Shopping Guide
I4U News is a Premium Technology Life Style News Magazine and Shopping Guide.
icmp_scanning_v30.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Information Security Policies Made Easy from Information Shield
The leading library of information security policy and data privacy policies including Information Security Policies Made Easy by Charles Cresson Wood.
Introducing the Google Command Line Tool – Google Open Source Blog
News about Google”s Open Source projects and programs
Laptop Parts Expert – Notebook Replacement Parts Laptop Accessories
Discount replacement laptop spare parts, notebook parts, repair parts, laptop batteries, keyboards, AC adapters, power supplies & laptop accessories for Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Apple, Acer, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Compaq, Gateway, IBM & more. Guaranteed 100% compatible wholesale parts for laptops/notebook, replacement parts, spare parts & notebook accessories for sale.
Laptop Power Not Working – Troubleshooting Laptop Power Cord, Jack or AC/DC Adapter Problem
Latest Security News – CNET News
Check out the latest security news on CNET News, featuring the latest updates on software vulnerabilities, data leaks, and rapidly spreading viruses.
A free source of high quality, easy to understand and follow Windows Vista tips, tricks, help and how-to guides that help you get the most out of your computer.
Metasploit Class Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)
Irongeek’s Information Security site with tutorials, articles and other information.
Open Source – Facebook Developers
Papers « The Sys-Security Group
Penetration Testing | The Metasploit Project
The Metasploit Framework is the open source penetration testing framework with the world’s largest database of public, tested exploits.
Privacy: What Does Microsoft Know About You? —
An in-depth look at the information Microsoft and its competitors collect about you and what they each do with the information, plus how it compares to Google/other companies (better than you might think!).
Research Overview – Research – SecureWorks
SecureWorks Research Center leverages information and analysis available from SecureWorks’ rich database of security incidents and skilled security experts
SANS: Information Security Policy Templates
30 information security policy templates courtesy of the SANS Institute.
SANS: Information Security Reading Room – Computer Security White Papers
Computer security white papers – provided free to benefit the security community! Features 1,840 papers in 74 categories.
SecurityFocus is designed to facilitate discussion on computer security related topics, create computer security awareness, and to provide the Internet’s largest and most comprehensive database of computer security knowledge and resources to the public. It also hosts the BUGTRAQ mailing list.
Some Filesystem Benchmarks. :: Windows 7, Vista, 2008 Tweaks
Windows 7, Vista and 2008 Server TCP/IP tweaks for improving transfer speed.
TCP/IP for Security Administrators
How do firewalls track sessions? How does SSL secure data? Why is UDP believed to be so bad, and can it be secured? How do routers route, and can they be tricked? To be an effective security administrator requires fairly detailed knowledge of certain networking communications protocols. Some of the early protocols (still in use today, like TCP for instance) really weren’t even developed with high security in mind!
Tech//404 : By Allied World Assurance Company
The Sys-Security Group
The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet | Magazine
The Web Is Dead? A Debate How the Web Wins How Do Native Apps and Web Apps Compare? Two decades after its birth, the World Wide Web is in
Unlock and Jailbreak iPhone 3G/3Gs/3.1.3 – new purplera1n version | Explore Everything
Fresh news about unlock iPhone 3G/3Gs/3.1.3 topic. The man of the moment strikes again and to unlock iPhone 3G/3Gs/3.1.3 becomes even easier. He released
VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace: Virtual Applications for the Cloud
Explore more than a 1000 cloud ready virtual applications in the VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace. Browse and search through the largest library of virtual appliances and applications for cloud computing.
Windows 7 Take Ownership & Grant Permissions to Access Files & Folder
Windows 7 Take Ownership & Grant Permissions to Access Files & Folder. Grant Full Access Permissions, take ownership in windows 7.


(application/pdf Object)
(application/pdf Object)
(application/pdf Object)
(application/pdf Object)
7 children killed at China school in latest attack
Antony Flew “Theology and Falsification,” 1950
Hunting the Edge of Space: Part 1 | NOVA | PBS Video
The Mystery of the Milky Way
List of cat breeds – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Obama Celebrates “Gay Pride” as HIV Cases Rise
Online 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica
Online 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica
SpringerLink – Journal
The Bible Vanquishes Science
Why Do Couples Start to Look Like Each Other? – Yahoo! News
While you may be familiar with the old saying, “opposites attract,” in reality, what the heart wants is someone who resembles its owner – and that resemblance increases the longer two lovebirds stay together.
Birth control pills could be acting as steroids for women’s brains | Posted | National Post
The lady in your life might have more in common with ex-baseball player Jose Canseco than you think. According to Scientific American, who cites a report by the journal Brain Research, birth control pills have an effect on the structure of women’s brains.
Bering in Mind: An ode to the many evolved virtues of human semen
Dear readers: I have come upon a secret treasure, a heretofore-unknown bounty of facts only recently unearthed by a team of evolutionary psychologists.
Answers Research Journal – Creation, Evolution, Scientific Research – Answers Research Journal
biodiversity – Encyclopedia of Earth
Biodiversity (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Biology News Net – Latest Biology Articles, News & Current Events
BMC Genomics
Creation-Evolution Headlines
Dept of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard U: Biology Links
Directory of open access journals
Medieval History of Science and Religion
God’s Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science by James Hannam
Mutual UFO Network – MUFON – Dedicated to Scientific Study of UFOs
The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is the world’s largest civilian UFO scientific reseach organization. We are dedicated to the scientific stufy of UFOs for the benefit of humankind.
PACER Service Center Home Page
The PACER service provides on-line access to U.S. Appellate, District, and Bankruptcy court records and documents nationwide. The PACER Service Center is the Federal Judiciary’s centralized registration, billing, and technical support center for PACER.
PubMed home
PubMed is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine that includes over 19 million citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals for biomedical articles back to the 1950s. PubMed includes links to full text articles and other related resources.
Science news and science jobs from New Scientist – New Scientist
Science news and science articles from New Scientist.
The Inductive (Scientific) Method

Peer-Reviewed Journals

Contemporary Aesthetics is an international, interdisciplinary, peer- and blind-reviewed online journal of contemporary theory, research, and application in aesthetics.
Advances in Natural Science
Academic Source Complete; Academic Research Library; ABI/Inform Global
African Studies Quarterly – Volume 11, Issues 2-3
Quarterly online journal of African studies at the Center for African Studies, University of Florida.
AJL: The Australasian Journal of Logic
American Diplomacy | Established 1996
American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information
Annals of Genealogical Research
A journal for genealogical and family history research
ASR – Home
Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy
Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy — Cosmos and History is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal of natural and social philosophy. It serves those who see philosophys vocation in questioning and challenging prevailing assump
Current Publication |
The Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion was founded in 1999 and is committed to increasing legal scholarship focusing on the intersection of these two dynamic aspects of the human tradition  law and religion.
Essays in Philosophy
A pre-eminent forum of naval history designed to stimulate naval historical research and to foster communication among naval historians.
Journal of Biblical Studies
Journal of Ecumenical Studies :: Home
Journal of Ecumenical Studies articles | AccessMyLibrary – Promoting library advocacy
Free Journal of Ecumenical Studies articles at – Search information that libraries trust!
Journal of Evolution and Technology
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures – Volumes
Journal of Philosophy and Scripture
Journal of Research Practice
Journal of Research Practice: Innovations and Challenges in Multiple Domains; open access journal, extending organised inquiry and connecting researchers worldwide
Journals Online
The University of Illinois Press provides online access to many of our journals.
Kerux – The Online Journal of Biblical Theology
Nordic Notes archive
Philosophy & Theory in Biology
PLoS ONE : accelerating the publication of peer-reviewed science
PLoS ONE: an inclusive, peer-reviewed, open-access resource from the PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SCIENCE. Reports of well-performed scientific studies from all disciplines freely available to the whole world.
Public History Review
Review of Biblical Literature
Spontaneous Generations: A Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
The Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication – Vol 4 (2008)
The Heroic Age Homepage
The Heroic Age is a free online journal dedicated to the study of Northwestern Europe from the Late Roman Empire to the advent of the Norman Empire. This journal is intended to be for the use of professionals, students, and independent scholars, and will consider submissions from all of the above. It is our intent to publish twice a year. The Heroic Age is a peer reviewed, academic journal.
The Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law
Vol 1, No 2 (2010)
World History Connected | The e-Journal of Learning and Teaching | Home
Yale Divinity School-News
Yale Divinity School, Faith and Intellect: Preparing Leaders for Church and World

World News

Accuracy In Media – For Fairness, Accuracy and Balance in News Reporting.
Breaking news, latest news, and current events –
The latest breaking news around the world from hundreds of sources, all in one place.
Business News, Financial News, Top Stories, Latest Headlines – IBD –
Latest news, in-depth analysis and investment information provided by Investor’s Business Daily
CBN News – Christian News 24-7 – is an alternative to the liberal media, focusing on stories that are unreported, under-reported, or misreported by the mainstream press.
HUMAN EVENTS is the leading conservative news site for political developments provided by a team of Capitol Hill based reporters.
INSIDE JoongAng Daily
Israel News: Ynetnews
Homepage: Ynetnews is Israel’s most comprehensive, authoritative daily source for 24/7 breaking news & current events from Israel and Jewish content online.
Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East & the Jewish World
Latest online news from The Jerusalem Post, the world’s top English-language daily newspaper covering Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
Judicial Watch
Pajamas Media |
Politics News, Analysis, and Opinion for the U.S. and the World
Politics Daily delivers political news, opinions and analysis from some of the best reporters, columnists, and editors in the business, with a mix of views.
Politics, Political News –
POLITICO covers political news with a focus on national politics, Congress, Capitol Hill, the 2008 presidential race, lobbying, advocacy, and more. POLITICO’s in-depth coverage includes video features, regular blogs, photo galleries, cartoons, and political forums.
RealClearMarkets: Market-Related News, Analysis & Commentary
Topics and discussions of market-related news from the world of business, economics, finance, and the political economy.
RealClearPolitics – Opinion, News, Analysis, Videos and Polls Home of the Drew Carey Project and other libertarian videos.
Sky News – World News: First for breaking global and international news and video
Breaking world news stories affecting people across the globe, from the Middle East to middle America, Iraq to Ireland and Russia to China and the Far East.
The American Spectator
The Blaze
The Campaign Spot – National Review Online – The Mideast news source
The Media Line promotes accuracy among regional journalists through the Mideast Press Club and its accurate reporting of the Middle East including; Israel, The Palestinian Authority, The Palestinian conflict, current events, culture, business, terrorism, counter-terrorism, meet the working media, Mideast blogs and Middle East bloggers. The best global source for educational and informational material for Israel, Palestine, and the middle east including: foreign relations, moderate Muslims, Jews, Christians, security, terror, Hamas, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, nuclear proliferation, Arab, Israeli, Iran, Iraq.
Washington Examiner
The Washington Examiner is your news source. Get sports news, business news, breaking economic news, entertainment news, classifieds and more. – nation, world, technology and Washington area news and headlines
The Washington Post is a leading source for news and video on politics, national, federal government, foreign policy, business, green issues, science and local issues. We also offer award-winning opinion writing, entertainment information and restaurant reviews. Our local coverage includes reporting on education, crime, weather, traffic, real estate, jobs and cars for DC, Maryland and Virginia.


Arms Control Wonk • an arms control blog network
Big Government
Big Hollywood
Big Journalism
Big Peace
Creeping Sharia
David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog
NewsReal is the team blog of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Its focus is to analyze and critique cable shows, newspapers, magazines, and the blogosphere to reveal the political Left’s methods and agendas.
Emerging Corruption — Eternal vigilence is the price of liberty
Eternal vigilence is the price of liberty
Eye on the UN
Hot Air
Jihad Watch
Weblog about jihad theology and ideology, correcting popular misconceptions about Islam.
Liberty Pundits Blog
Michael Yon – Online Magazine
Michael Yon Online Magazine dispatches from the frontline of Iraq and Afghanistan | Exposing Liberal Media Bias
Patterico’s Pontifications
Power Line
Roll Call
Roll Call Newspaper Online – Covering Capitol Hill Since 1955
The Foundry: Conservative Policy News Blog
The Foundry promotes conservative policies and principles by offering the best in public policy research with the day’s current events. The Foundry is published by The Heritage Foundation.
The Jawa Report v3.0 Beta
The MEMRI Blog
The New Ledger | Welcome to the Know
The Right Scoop-
The Weekly Standard | A Weekly Conservative Magazine and Blog of News and Opinion.
TheTerrorWonk Plus


» Must-Read Of the Day: Robert Samuelson On the Welfare-State’s ‘Death Spiral’ – Big Journalism
Act! for America – Home
Allen West for US Congress 2010 | Allen West for Congress 2010
Lt. Colonel Allen West for Congress – Florida District 22
American Thinker: Grover Norquist’s Jihad
America’s Survival
Charles Krauthammer : Slapping Friends –
WASHINGTON — What is it like to be a foreign ally of Barack Obama’s America? If you’re a Brit, your head is spinning.
Chicago Climate Exchange
cutspendingnow.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Defend Education Take a Stand March 4th: National Calls and Endorsements
Downsizing the Federal Government
FDR asks Congress to declare war on Japan Video on History
Watch full episodes, previews and exclusive clips of all your favourite HISTORY programmes.
Federal Bureau of Investigation – Freedom of Information Privacy Act
GeoPlatform – Gulf Response
Governor Bobby Jindal | State of Louisiana
Governor Bobby Jindal’s official Web site includes current issues in focus, public policy, news, video, email newsletters, public events and contact information.
Home – Coast to Coast AM
Coast to Coast AM – UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death and other unexplained phenomena. Overnight talk radio with daytime ratings.
Home | PBS Video
Watch award-winning national programming and locally produced shows. Catch up on the episodes you may have missed and watch your favorite, full-length shows free and on-demand.
Home: The Joyce Foundation
Supporting efforts to protect the Great Lakes, to reduce poverty and violence in the region, and to ensure its residents good schools, decent jobs, a strong democracy, and a diverse and thriving culture.
Hot Air » Study finds increased gov’t spending results in unemployment
Study finds increased gov’t spending results in unemployment
Jim Jones’s Tenured Apologist by Daniel J. Flynn, City Journal 7 May 2010
Thirty years after Jonestown, Rebecca Moore tries to rehabilitate Peoples Temple. 7 May 2010
Mudville Gazette
milblogs, military, war on terror
Oil Messed Up | The Weekly Standard
RealClearMarkets – Obama’s Problem Is Ideology
Reason Magazine
SIOE Stop Islamisation Of Europe
Strikeouts for Troops
Strikeouts for Troops(TM) is a national project of San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito for the benefit of our war wounded troops being treated at Walter Reed Army Hospital, Bethesda Naval Hospital, and other military hospitals for injuries received during service in Iraq, Afghanistan and other assignments.
The American Spectator : Gay Rights, Gay Rage
The Smoking Gun: Public Documents, Mug Shots
Tony Blankley, Conservative, Political News
Tony Blankley Conservative Republican Political Columns, issues, Tony Blankley served as press secretary to then Speaker of the U.S.
Trial Lawyers Inc.
United States by States – GCT-T1. Population Estimates
American FactFinder (AFF) — Geographic Comparison Tables with subjects: Population Totals for United States by States in Census dataset 2009 Population Estimates
National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling |

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