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Islam and Muhammad debate

October 27, 2010 Comments off

Another debate at Liberal Forum, this time dealing with the religion of Islam and its history. Click HERE to view it and enjoy!


8 Germans killed in Pakistan, NW by RCA

October 6, 2010 Comments off

Very interesting. The ramifications of this are sizable I believe.ref This strike of course comes after the announcement of US travelers to be alert and vigilant in Europe.ref

German government has nothing to say in response to United States Remote Controlled Aircraft firing missiles on a mosque that was housing 8 German civilians in the Mir Ali region of North Waziristan Pakistan. Which is good and shows Angela Merkel may not care how we act upon intelligence on behalf of Germany’s interest of security. The lack of an elevated terror alert in Germany could mean she may think the threat is exaggerated, or maybe has her hands a little dirty and is quite aware of what happened in Mir Ali, Pakistan and the scope of its development for security.ref No senior Taliban or al Qaeda were killed, so it is possible the mosque was a safe house for fighters to be deployed. Mir Ali region of NW is known as a Abu Kasha al Iraqi Taliban and al Qaeda hot spot. Abu Kasha is key link between al Qaeda’s executive councils and the Taliban.ref

Perhaps next up is Abu Kasha!? It seems that this attack may be an attempt to eliminate the threat warned about to Europe prior. If this is all the immediate threat possessed and it is now sufficiently eliminated or at least reduced, it is a huge victory. A victory that was won in the public first by awareness and then executed swiftly by the RCA missiles. I like that type of war.

The beloved Bin Laden hunter is a wife beater?

October 6, 2010 Comments off

Wow, a man, Gary Faulkner, goes into northern Pakistan in June is caught by Pakistani authorities. Gets back into the US and decides to break more laws and is now charged with third-degree assault.ref

Faulkner goes into Pakistan around June and is picked up by Chitral police scouts in the Bumburet Valley. However the very fact he was able to get into Chitral, proves that there is something not allowing Taliban to establish strong presence. It is probably due to travel routes and the international attention on it since Faulkner only increases the attraction.ref

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