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Stuxnet an unknown beginning, predictable response

October 18, 2010

Update: More confirmation or, professional speculation, I guess of what I said in this post can be found here.

Stuxnet the incredibly sophisticated computer worm that infect Programmable Logic Controllers, which can be controlled from Windows based systems. Stuxnet can hide and wait and also inject its own code into the PLC’s that are monitored by industrial control systems.ref1

Of course it has hit Iran in the midst of defiance by the regime against Israel and the United States specifically, as well as the world generally. This has to be a classic cyber warfare hit by Israel that is meant to calm the choppy waters that Iran has begun to kick up. The timing and center of most impact could not be more forgiving to Israel. It also occurs during times that the international community cannot seem to get its act together, unify and condemn Iran. This condemnation is then followed up by extreme sanctions that take advantage of the exact products that consist of the rise in imports by Iran the past decade. We target those imports and we target the nations interests and thus weaken it politically and internationally.ref2 Makes sense to me, we have the data for it and we have the standing ourselves within the UN but sadly the UN has no stomach for its original and noble cause.

Predictably riding the common international trend of blame America first foreign policy among the worlds worst off nations, Iran blames it on an American plot. However in this case they could be, and I hope they are, right!ref3

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